We want to guide you how to find the perfect product for your activity, or how to get the most out of our products. We were founded back in 1933 and ever since, we have seen our products as more than just products, they are tools to help you going places and discover more of the great outdoors. With our products, we want you to feel more free and more confident.

Take a look at our guides below and find inspiration and guidance.

Navigation guide

We want to inspire you to learn more about how to navigate with a map and a compass. These days most of us have some kind of navigation equipment in our phones, but we think navigating with a map and a compass is a fun way to find your way when outdoors.

The Ultimate Headlamp Guide

The design of outstanding headlamp technology starts with the human body. We start with biology, not with technology. Our headlamps should first and foremost be viewed as an extension of your own body. Because we believe that the best headlamp is designed after how your body works, reacts and moves.

The Headlamp Selector

To help you select the headlamp with the big H, we have the perfect tool called the headlamp selector. It will give you some guidance and helping you select the ideal headlamp. It all depends on what type of activity you are doing, in which terrain and for how long you will be doing it.

Classifications & Standards

When developing products for humans you need to follow a set of classifications and certain standards. Find out what they mean with this dictionary.