15T-360/6400 Green
15TDCL 6400 Green
15TDCL-360/6400 Green
3-6400/360 Green
4B-6400/360 NATO
54 6400-6400/360
54B 6400-6400/360
Carabiner 10
Carabiner 28
Carabiner 9

With over 80 years experience manufacturing compasses, we’re certain Silva can provide you with the right choice for your needs. When you’re trying to beat the clock, there’s no time to waste figuring out what your compass is saying. Whether orienteering, adventure racing or another competitive situation, you can rely on Silva’s Race Series: stable, easy to use, and easy to read.

1S-360 JET
2 Explorer
5-360 JET
6 Jet Spectra
6 Nor
6 Nor Spectra
66 OMC Spectra

Compasses that are specially adapted for kayaks, boats, microlights and other vehicles, with special attachments that allow them to sit securely and be read at speed. Always available for quick decision-making.

58 Kayak
70 UN

For explorers and search-and-rescue professionals, Silva’s Expedition series has been the longtime global leader in compass accuracy, precision and durability. Now two unique models represent the next step in advanced outdoor navigation—the Expedition base-plate compass and the Expedition S mirror-sighting compass.

Expedition 4
Expedition S

The Silva Field Series comprises two entry-level compasses designed to meet the educational demands of schools, youth groups and leisure outdoor navigators.

Field 1-2-3

Have you ever walked out of a subway station in the steel-and-glass canyon of a new city, map in hand, and wondered which way to go? That won’t happen when you’re carrying Silva’s new Metro compass.

Metro Black
Metro Green
Metro Pink
Metro Turquoise
Metro White

Developed in partnership with elite Swedish orienteerers; their defining characteristics are user-friendliness and world class quality.
Silva has been world leading in compasses since 1933, with quality, precision and user-friendliness making them the favourite of orienteers around the world. The new compasses’ characteristics include increased transparency, a better thumb grip and a smaller capsule that reduces the risk of bubbles. One of the models also has turnable housing, something that Silva identified as being desired by the target group. Silva is also launching an updated magnifier that is compatible with both left-hand and right-hand models.

Race 360 Jet
Race Jet
Race S Jet
Race Zoom

The series most popular among mountaineers, backpackers and hunters has expanded. The Silva Ranger traditional base-plate compass is joined by two mirror-sighting models—Silva Ranger S and Silva Ranger SL. While all three feature a detachable safety-release lanyard and luminous markings for night navigation, each also bears something unique.

Ranger S
Ranger SL
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