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Distance Duo Hydration belt

Activity icon for RUNNING

Improved with enlarged “easy access” pocket with room for gloves, wax etc. Need some extra water or energizer during training? Bring it in the updated SILVA Hydration Belt. All models are made from 100% nylon and are also water resistant to withstand the toughest conditions.

The belt is easy to adjust for an ergonomic fitting and the included water bottles are placed for easy access and for evenly distribution of the weight on the hip. Enlarged pockets with room for gloves, wax etc. The SILVA Hydration Belt features some smart functions like a storage pocket with water resistant zipper and a cable entry for your battery cord. The pocket has a key hook for safe storage of your keys. Reflective areas contribute to increased visibility for safe training during darkness.

Discrete and stylish in black with blue details make them also a nice-looking accessory during training.


Velcro closing – One size elastic adjustment


2x 0,3L

Breathable mesh


Cable entry for pocket


Cable guiding loop


Key hook inside pocket

No risk for losing your keys during training


1x Mesh pocket – Easy access for Gloves, Power bar, Wax etc, 1x water resistant pocket/zipper – Safe storage during training

Reflective areas

Great visibility in darkness

Self sealing nozzle

Yes, SMART cap

Water resistance

Water resistant – Withstands tough conditions