Trail Speed 37310-3
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The Silva Trail Speed is an extremely lightweight and compact headlamp with great light output for the advanced runner, skier or cyclist.

The lamp unit is aluminum for optimal cooling. Two high power LEDs provide you with Silva Intelligent Light® – light where you need it. Powered by 4 x AA batteries in an external battery pack which can be placed in the pocket of your running jacket, backpack or on your bike frame. Trail Speed has a large on/off button that is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

Intelligent Light
400 Lumen
62 grams
Light modesMax, Min, Wide, Blink
Burn time (Max/Wide/Min/Blink)2h/30h/15h/100h
Light distance (Max/Min)85m/45m
Weight (excl. Batteries)62g
Bulb type2 x high power LED
Beam pattern:Intelligent Light®
AttachmentHeadband, Bike, Helmet
Battery indicationYes (low bat warning flash)

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The Silva Trail Speed is an extremely lightweight and compact headlamp with great light output for the advanced runner, skier or cyclist.

Suitable for:

Running Orientering/Multisport Helmet Cross/Back Country Skiing Biking/MTB

Trail Speed

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What is this?

Light is knowledge. Knowledge is light.

Silva offer a full range from stylish, practical lights for everyday tasks; ­rugged, waterproof headlamps for the toughest conditions including when you need to preserve night vision; to featherlight running headlamps with externally carried battery packs and technical headlamps for the most demanding multi-sports. The Silva Intelligent Light® technology—puts a strong focussed beam of light, straight down the trail exactly where you want it, combined with a flood of light around your feet where you need it.

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Silva Intelligent Light® is a light distribution technology. It combines a wide angle flood light with a long reach spot light. The unique light image gives the user peripheral and long distance vision at the same time. For a runner, cross country skier or mountain biker this translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and more speed.

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