the 360°

design story

the idea:


We wanted to create backpacks that can be used all year round, all day and all night long. The 360° backpack series is based on the idea of providing you with 360 degrees of visibility, protection and flexibility. Giving you the freedom to choose when and where to use the backpacks.


We figured, why not focus on designing really good backpacks that you can use in any situation? This backpack series is based on the idea of providing you with 360 degrees of visibility, protection and flexibility.


The 360° series is for you with an everyday-active-lifestyle. Maybe you commute or maybe you want to take your family out for a short hike? One thing we do know is that you don’t want to buy a backpack for every single activity.


Well, the concept itself, 360°, pretty much tells the whole story. These backpacks can be used all year round, all day and all night long, in sunshine or rain, for commuting or hiking. You decide when and where.

Jacob von Matern

Designer behind the 360° series

“I believe that one should understand the function of a product by its shape, and that a product is not fully designed until it has been constructed and produced. To me, a well-designed product is recognized by optimized user experience, appearance, form, function and manufacturing. When it all works together.”

the decisions


Made for tough conditions...

We needed a durable and waterproof material in all bags and accessories to widstand though conditions. We also wanted to give the series a rugged feel and have some kind of texture in the material – so we used a ripstop fabric. Since the materials are coated for water protection we did not want that shiny look – instead we chose a coating that has a matte finish that doesn’t compromise the rugged feel.


It is all about the details…

For the whole 360° range we have chosen the details carefully. Reflective prints all around the backpacks, slim buckles and straps that have been chosen by our fans in social media and a lot of lash points for attaching extra gear or 360° accessories. Other important details are nylon webbings that feels soft, smart top haul handles, fully adjustable sternum straps and removable waist belts to make the backpacks as comfortable and versatile as possible. Each backpack is optimized for its purpose – smart pockets and storage for hiking, reliable and easily accessible laptop compartment for commuting or an integrated dry bag for better water protection.


We set out to create a discrete and stylish series of backpacks...

To differentiate our top model Orbit from the other models, we gave it a unique color. The light grey color makes it easy to see the gear inside the back pack and gives the backpack a sober look. Our base models are really urban and what suits better in an urban environment than black. For these models we did not have the issue with not seeing into the back packs since we solved that with additional openings and accenture color on the included dry bag. To complete the line we used an high visibility orange color for the compression straps and integrated dry bag.

Designed by you

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

During the development of the 360° backpack series, we gave the power to our fans and followers to make some of the most important decisions such as colors and functionality. Instead of spending time on analysis, we went straight to the source.

Marcus Hjortsberg

360° project manager SILVA

“We believe that there is no such backpack on the market. There are either more city or more outdoor focused backpacks. But with 360° we have found a design and functionality that has the perfect blend”. 

the result