Vacation tips for a staycation

A hiking adventure

Now is the perfect time to explore all those amazing outdoor places in your neighborhood. Usually it is easy to forget about them since they are always there, and in a way, they are “too close”. However, they are nearby and easy to reach so you do not need to plan ahead. Make a weekend out of it and bring your camping gear, food, some snacks and card games.

Turn your TPU Dry Bag inside out and fasten your headlamp in the bottom in order to create a soft and comfortable tent light. The fastening is premounted in the bottom of our TPU- and TPU-V Dry Bags.

Cool off while running

The heatwave has really struck Europe and the summer is rapidly approaching its peak. Now is the perfect time for outdoor running and power-walking. Studies show that an active lifestyle along with fresh air will help boosting your immune system. But don’t forget to cool off and stay hydrated. Always carry an extra bottle of water and make sure to drink before, during and after your workout session.

Get inspired by our friends @BrodernaBacka and pass by your local lake for a cooling break while running. It will help give you some extra energy for the remaining part of your workout. Keep your belongings in a dry bag and you do not have to leave them out of sight while you are in the water. If you use a Strive Light running vest, use a 3L R-PET Dry Bag in order to get a waterproof compartment.

Top products for your summer staycation