Country: France
Lives in: Beaujolais and Beaufortain near the French Alpes
Activitiy: Ultra Trail Running
Our friend since: 2015

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Ultra Trail Runner & Champion

Our friend François managed to break the time record on one of Europe’s most mythical and challenging trails, the GR20 in Corsica, in 2016. He ran the whole trail (180k), that hikers normally spend 2 weeks to finish, in 31h and 6 min. He has won the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, not once but twice, and the Ultra Trail World Tour in 2014 and the Grand Raid in 2016.

Track record
– 1 silver medal in the La Grand Trace (2017)
– 1 tentative record GR20 (2016)
– Gold medalist in the Grand Raid (2012, 2014, 2016)
– 1 victory in UT Mont Fuji (2014)
– 2 victories in the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (2012, 2014)

His favourites

Favourite SILVA-product?
SILVA is a nice brand with really friendly and professional people. High quality material and reliable products. My favourite is the Trail Speed-family.

Favourite destination in the world?
Anywhere there are mountains.

Favourite meal?
Tartare beef with french fries and a nice glass of wine.

His training habits

How often do you train?
Each day if its possible. But I have a winery and two children that I really want to take good care of aswell.

What kind of training do you do?
Some long runs during the summer and some long ski-mountaineering during the winter period.

What’s your best energy during your training sessions?
My passion for running and the exitement of being able to run all around the world gives me all the energy that I need.

How do you train during the darker season?
Sometimes the days are just not long enough. Often I have to finish my visit or my adventure during the night so I always bring my headlamp. Running during the nights is something special, I like the sounds and the atmosphere when the nature is asleep.

How do you prepare yourself before a competition?
Just by reminding myself that I’m very lucky to be competing.

François as a ultra trail runner

How come you started to run?
Its the easiest way to be free. I love the challenge the mountains bring.

Any advice to those who wants to start ultra running/sky running?
Try to understand how you body works. Always think how you can adapt to the mountain and the challenge when training. Don’t start to fast or to long. Each of us need to find the ideal way of progress.

Your best running memory so far?
My last adventure with my friends along the GR20. 180 km in 31 hours on the ridge of the Corsica Island.

What are your best running tips?
Be happy to do it, then it will become easy.