Questions & Answers

How often do you excercise?
1 or 2 times a day

What kind of training do you do?
Mostly skimountaineering in the winter and running in the summer.

How do you train during the darker season?
I love to train with a head light in the winter. When I lived up in Abisko and I didn’t see the sun for two months I used to take on a headlamp, run one hour straight out on the mountain, switch off the lamp and throw myself on the ground admiring the stars and northern lights and when I got cold I got up, switch on the lamp and ran home.

Your best energy during training-sessions?
During training my favorite is when there are a lot of ripe berries in the forest or on the mountain. Only problem is that food stop tend to be too long sometimes : )

How du you charge/load before a competition (food, rest, mentally, etc.)?
I like to relax and train as little as possible the days before a race. I usually eat normal, the food I always like to eat. I feel that for the big races the mental preparations come naturally with resting the body and getting exited for a race I have prepared for.

What should you think of/consider if you want to start ultra running/trail running/sky running?
Start to build a base slowly and gradually and enjoy the training and progress.

What are your best running tips?
Consistency, variation and joy in running.

The best/most fun competitions for amateurs as you see it?
All the races I’m doing are both for elites and amateurs and I think it’s important to choose a race which exites you. I really like Transvulcania and Zegama if you want to experience huge cheering crowds

Main merits:
• 3 time winner Transvulcania
• Zegama skyrace winner 2018
• Ultravasan 2017 winner
• The North Face 50 miles 2016
• 2917 winner
• 3rd place in UTMB-CCC 2018

Nationality: Swedish
Lives in: Romsdalen, Norway
Activity: Trail Running
Our friend since: 2018

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