when you aim to improve

With a hydration belt, you can continuously refill and keep your energy in perfect balance during your activity. When moving forward, you want a hydration belt that supports you and your gear without being in the way. It should just follow your lead as you aim to improve.


your body

The belt is easy to adjust while moving — you just pull the straps forward. Its tight fit to your body effectively prevents it from moving around. The breathable mesh on its backside gives you extra comfort.



Several pockets and compartments, inside and outside, make it easy to bring an extra jacket, power bars, ski waxes, a headlamp battery or anything you need during a training session or a race.

Pull and


The straps on all belts can be adjusted while you are moving. You just pull them forward to find your perfect fit, and they are easy to get a hold of even if you have gloves on.



The insulated, detachable hose is flexible and can be used on either your right or left side thanks to the double output holes in the belt. The insulation prevents your liquid from freezing.



The Free 10 belt has extra packing volume – the compression straps ensure that your packing volume is optimised while the perfect fit is maintained.

get noticed

The reflective areas make you more visible in the dark. This helps to increase your safety and the number of hours you can spend doing what you love.

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