why silva?

At Silva, we have experienced all aspects of nature since we started in 1933. We design and test all our products in Sweden, and like all our products, we let our bags and packs prove their durability and reliability in the rough Scandinavian weather. Bags and packs is one of our main product categories along with headlamps and compasses.

Today we have headlamps, compasses, flashlights, bags and other equipment to help you enjoy more of the outdoors. We constantly evaluate and update our assortment, and our goal is to offer you the smartest and most reliable outdoor equipment.

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Since 1933, our mission has been to help people enjoy the outdoors even more. We put pride in our history and the fact that we have been designing and producing outdoor equipment for more than 85 years.

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If so, we’d be very happy to tell you more and to listen to your feedback. We are constantly working to improve and expand our carrying solutions.

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