Find your compass

From beginner to expert

There are many types of compasses with different features and levels of complexity. Start with the basics, and then learn more along the way. Your new skills will take you to new places and new adventures – both bigger and safer!

At Silva we have compasses for orienteering, boating and kayaking, outdoor adventures and professional use. Our most popular compass collections are Expedition and Ranger. Both collections include a baseplate model, a global model and a mirror sighting model.


The compasses in the Silva Ranger collection have all the necessary features that you need for your outdoor adventure and they are a great choice for most people.

• Easy to handle
• Traditional baseplate compasses
• Great value picks
• Starting at 30€


The compasses in the Silva Expedition collection is for more advanced adventures and if you have experience from navigating with a compass and want more.

• Advanced level compass
• Accurate, precise & durable
• When only the best is good enough
• Starting at 50€

There is always more to discover