Weight & Comfort

When you wear the perfect headlamp you will not even notice it

Light quality is crucial when choosing the right headlamp, but if it feels heavy or uncomfortable you will probably not like it anyway. This is why we start our headlamp design with studying how the body moves and reacts in different situations. Comfort is key.

Our goal is to create headlamps that feels like an extension of yourself, well-balanced and with a comfortable fit. Our headlamps are the smallest and most lightweight on the market, all headlamps include an anti-slip silicone string on the inside of the headband and a compact battery or a stability-enhancing plate fitted on the back of your head – just to name a few details that are integrated in our headlamps to make them more comfortable.

Don’t let sweating stop you

No matter how sweaty you get, the headlamp should stay in place. To give you the perfect comfort and fit, we have added an anti-slip silicone string on the inside of the headband. This will keep your headlamp in place regardless of if you have just started your activity, or have been on the move for hours. Also, they are water-, and sweat-proof for your safety.

We listen carefully to your ears

The lightweight plate on the back of your head and adjustable headband will make it easy to get a comfortable fit; without adding pressure on the ears that could lead to an unpleasant experience.

Find your balance

Our ambition is to offer greater light in smaller size in every headlamp we make, and all SILVA headlamps are designed to strike the right balance between size, light and battery weight.


Dedicate some time to adjust your headlamp to a comfortable fit before you start your activity. You don’t need to tighten the headband too much; details such as the anti-slip string on the inside ensure that it stays in place.