SILVA 1-2-3 System

Wrist compasses

The easiest way to use a map and compass together is to orient the map towards North. Simply align the map meridians with the compass needle so that “up” on the map is pointing North. Now everything on the map is in the same direction as on the ground.

Easy as 1-2-3!



Place your compass on the map and use your thumb to make a straight line between your current position and your destination.
Make sure the thumb points towards your destination.


Turn yourself and the compass until the compass needle is parallel with the map meridians and the orange/red part points north on the map.


Now the thumb will point towards your destination. Take a landmark and start moving. Enjoy!


After step 2 – note the coloured reference point that the needle is pointing at.

In step 3 – your thumb will point towards your destination as long as the needle points at the colour marking from step 2.