Our most dynamic headlamps

The multi-activity headlamps are made for you who practice many different types of outdoor activities. They are modular and feature our strongest light output along with our most powerful batteries.

Unleash your spontaneity

No matter which family of multi-activity headlamps you choose, they all give you the possibility to be spontaneous.

Cross TrailTrail Speed | Exceed

Cross Trail Series

Cross Trail gives you a lot of bang for the buck. With a steady light output at 600 True Lumen and available attachments for helmet and bike bars you will be good to go in no-time.

More than running

Trail Speed Series

Trail Speed is a powerful, yet lightweight headlamp series. With 1200 True Lumen and a perfect weight distribution, this is the recommended choice for athletes and pulse lovers.

The Athletes choice

Exceed Series

Exceed is our most powerful headlamp series with an astonishing 2200 True Lumen output through its boost mode. When only the best is good enough – go with Exceed.

The Ultimate Adrenaline Headlamp

Batteries and accessories

All multi-activity headlamps share the same connection – the Silva rectangular plug. This gives you the freedom to complement your headlamp with a lighter or more powerful battery depending on your future needs. We also recommend the Headlamp Battery Charger for up to 4x faster charging compared to standard USB – and the nifty USB Charge Adapter turns your headlamp battery into a power bank.