Get ready for

History's greatest adventure

For the third year in a row, Silva is the proud sponsor and host of history’s greatest adventure – Nattvasan. In order for you to feel prepared and ready for your upcoming adventure, we have gathered valuable information and some advice around topics like: What kind of equipment is needed? What factors are important when choosing your headlamp? What clothes should you wear? What to eat before and during the race? How can you fine-tune your technique? Hopefully you will find answers to all of these questions (and more) here.

Befriend your gear

Preparation is key for a successful Nattvasan. Test your gear; how the ski boots fits, how the skis performs, the weight of the poles etc. is somewhat of a ritual. The headlamp is also an important part of your gear when racing in Nattvasan. Therefore, go out and train with the headlamp, get to know its functions and become friend with it. If doing so, you both will perform on top.

the headlamp guide

Still haven’t select a headlamp for Nattvasan and need advice on how to choose the right light? Or maybe you already have a Silva headlamp and want to know all about the design philosophy, technology etc. Either way, below articles can guide you.

find the right light

Need help finding the ideal headlamp? Try Silva’s headlamp selector and find the right headlamp for your favourite activity.

the silva light

The optics in all Silva headlamps is optimized for specific activities with a blend of long spot light and wide flood light. This is what we call Intelligent Light.

weight & comfort

Light quality is crucial when choosing the right headlamp, but if it feels heavy or uncomfortable you will probably not like it anyway. Comfort is key.

right light for nattvasan

Recommended by Vasaloppet as a great guide for Nattvasan. A comfortable, lightweight headlamp designed for those who not only enjoy running, skiing and biking, but want to push even further towards those extensive training sessions and races. With double battery packs, it has a burn time of up to 90 + 25 hours, which you can extend by bringing some extra batteries.

tips from the experts

Tips and safety information for Nattvasan

Vasaloppet has a few tips and information about the race. Apart from the clothes and gear you will wear, what are the extra mandatory gear you need to bring? And should you stand beside eachother at the starting line or maybe not? Vasaloppet has the answers.

The right light for Nattvasan

A headlamp is an important part of your gear. Silva answers a lot of questions, such as: How much light output do you need during Nattvasan? Should you choose alkaline or rechargeable batteries? How can you maximize the burn time during the race? And so on.

Learn skate skiing for Nattvasan

During Nattvasan you can choose between classic or skate skiing. Skate skiing is growing in popularity and Staffan Larsson, one of the official coaches for Vasaloppet, has valuable tips on how to master the art of skate skiing.

Dressing for Nattvasan

Nattvasan starts in the evening and you are active during the night. This means that you need to dress different from the regular Vasaloppet. Craft explains what you should wear during your Nattvasan adventure.

Energy during Nattvasan

Racing in Nattvasan demands much from you both mentally and physically. Enervit talks about how you can provide your body and working muscles with energy along the way to the finish line in Mora.


The retailer chain Stadium is one of the main sponsors of Vasaloppet. If you need to buy new gear or add gear, you get great offers in their stores already now or when in Sälen or Mora during Vasaloppet Winter Week 2019.


Are you a beginner or do you need to fine-tune your technique and want to get expert help? Then, we recommend a commited coach. There are a bunch of official Vasaloppcoaches that have camps and courses for all levels. Below we present two of them.


If you need information about the seeding, waxing service, accommodation, traffic and transport etc., then Vasaloppet has all the information you may need to get prepared for Nattvasan.