LIMITED OFFER – hydration reservoir included for free!

Your ultimate running friend

5-10 liter packaging volume

The Strive Light running backpacks have a large number of pockets and compartments, including a battery pocket, space for a hydration bladder, outlets for the hydration hose and cables, and a key hook in one of the pockets. The dual entrance back pocket makes it easy to reach your jacket from both sides –  you don’t need to stop running, just keep the pace.


It’s design enables optimal ventilation and sweat transportation. Perfect when you want to keep cool during demanding runs.


Remember to stay hydrated during longer sessions. If you buy Strive Light 5 or Strive Light 10, you will get a 1L hydration reservoir free of charge!

Limited offer = limited stock of hydration resevoirs. When the stock balance is 0 the offer is expired. 

Choose between 5 liters and 10 liters

“The new running west from Silva is developed with ultra runners and has several thoughtful details. It is made in a breathable material, has room for a drinking hose of up to 2 liters and two soft drinking bottles in front of the shoulder strap.”


“I’m overall very hyped about running with this backpack. The vest-like fit makes it far superior to anything I have run with previously. I actually started using this as a backpack for hiking during the last part of my vacation in Norway.”

– Triathlonlars
(Read full review here)

“Wonderful with the ventilation holes that are everywhere. It helps keep down the temperature during demanding trips.

– Christer Casselsjö / Team Outnorth