Country: Sweden
Lives in: Umeå, Sweden
Activities: Adventure Racing & XC-skiing
Our friend since: 2005

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Top Adventure Racing Team

They won big at the Adventure Races (AR) World Series in Spain in May 2016, and our friends conquered the second place at the AR World Championships in USA (Wyoming) in August 2017. The team have performed on top level for many years and keeps on going with smiling faces. Coming up is the Nordic Island Adventure Race, followed by World Champtionship Reunion Island.

Track record for the team
– 7 podium finishes at AR World Championships
– 6 victories at AR World Series (South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden)
– 3rd  place in Nordic Island Adventure Race 2018



Their favourites

Favourite SILVA-product?
The Jet Compass for the superfast and accurate needle and the Cross Trail 3 for the many different options regarding both light beam and burn time.

Favourite destination in the world?
Tärnafjällen, for the great wilderness with breathtaking views from the high mountains, nice tracks for running and biking, deep bogs for tough training sessions and long lakes and rives for kayaking (and fishing…)

Favourite meal?

Their training habits

How often do you train?
It varies depending on the season and the classic daily life puzzle, but about 10-15 hours per week.

What do you eat to boost yourself during your training?
Almond paste. Its easy to chew and tasty, both during an -30 degrees freezing dark winter session or in a +40 degrees desert.

What’s your training focus?
We focus a lot on our weaknesses, but at the same time we also maintain our strengths.

How do you train during the darker season?
By getting a really nice headlamp and keep yourself motivated.

What’s your favourite type of training?
By doing intervals in the mire.

Any advice regarding orienteering?
Study the map, use the compass correctly and bring a mountain watch when in hilly terrain.

About them as a team

How come you started with multisport/adventure racing?
The sport takes me to amazing places around the world and it challenge me and test my limits in many different ways.

Any advice to those who wants to start with multisport/adventure racing?
Try it. Challenge yourself and learn by your mistakes. And get in contact with those who have done it before, ask and learn from them.

How do you become a successful team?
Honesty. Talk about goals, ambitions and capacity before you head out. Never give up, instead remind eachother about the ups and downs during a race, the other teams are tackeling the same mental and fysical obstacles as you.

Your most fun memory so far?
When we hade to zickzack when biking in order to avoid a collision with a kangaroo one night during the World Championships in Tasmania 2011.

What’s the most fun race for the happy beginner?
Åre Extreme Challenge because you get to try different types of sport. BAMM for the mountain feeling and the chance to challenge yourself in mountain orienteering in demanding wheater conditions.

Anything you want to add?
Dare to try. Take a risk or chance by training and competing. You will always learn something from it.