Choose the right headlamp for Nattvasan

Nattvasan is the night time-edition of the classic Swedish ski race Vasaloppet. Daytime 90 kilometres is a tough challenge. At night it becomes an adventure. Nattvasan is a couples race where you and a friend ski together with 1499 other teams from Sälen to the finish line in Mora.

Once again, we are the proud host for this ultra-long and adventurous race. To compete in the race you need a companion by your side and a small lighting friend on your head. When choosing the right headlamp for Nattvasan you need to consider three things; the light output and light distribution, the battery burn time and how comfortable the headlamp feels on your head. Take a look at our ‘how-to-choose-the-right-headlamp-for-Nattvasan’-movie below. 

The design of outstanding headlamp technology starts with the human body

Anyone who has been shopping for a headlamp knows that it’s easy to get lost in technical terms and features. It’s hard to understand the advantages for me as a user. At SILVA, we have our own philosophy. It differs a lot from others. We start with biology, not with technology.

In our Ultimate Headlamp Guide we explain how we focus on the human way of moving, seeing, breathing, reacting and even sweating, in order to truly understand what it takes to create the perfect headlamp.