Lidingöloppet 2016

23-25 September

With SILVA fighting face celebrated we all the brave women and men who dedicated months of training to be able to fulfill the world’s largest cross country race.

If you participated in Lidingöloppet - make sure to take a look at our photo album at Flickr to see your very own SILVA Fighting face. Share it and tag it with #SILVAFIGHTINGFACE.

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SILVA Cross Trail 3 and Cross Trail 3X

Take a look at our new headlamps for XC skiing, biking and running; Cross Trail 3 and Cross Trail 3X – made to fine tune your performance.


We are very proud to present history’s greatest adventure!
The very first race will take place on Friday March 3 2017  at 20:00. Nattvasan is a 90 km freestyle couples race with two participants per team.

Read more about Nattvasan at

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