Swedish Outdoor Equipment Since 1933

In 1933, the three entrepreneurial Swedish orienteering brothers Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass. Their solution was more precise and set the global standard for how navigation devices work. The SILVA brand was born.

We also set the scene for innovation in diverse outdoor sports areas when we launched our first SILVA headlamp, Zeiler, already in 1935. Although our company has changed since then, SILVA compasses remain the preferred choice for orienteers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. As farmland, fields and forests pass underfoot, our equipment guide their steps.

As a company, we have developed outstanding outdoor equipment since 1933. As individuals, we range from multi-adventurers to everyday exercisers. We test all new products via our ambassadors and compare the findings with other sources, such as the valuable input we receive from clients around the world. All this vast experience and knowledge are injected into the design and harsh testing of our renowned world-class products.

Scandinavia’s varying seasons, especially our rainy autumns and our snowy and dark winters, expose outdoor gear to the ultimate test – and they challenge us as well. We have risen to these challenges time after time. In recent years, our innovative and attractively designed headlamps have received several awards. However grateful for this recognition of our hard work, we continue to constantly reinvent ourselves, passionately searching for the ultimate designs and functions of our products.

Presently, our main business areas are Sport, Outdoor and Professional. Within each of these areas you will find headlamps, compasses, dry bags, waterproof backpacks, hydration belts, running vests, pedometers, binoculars, professional instruments and other products. Every single one of them charged with the unstoppable passion of the SILVA-team.


2018 We will celebrate 85 years as outdoor equipment experts

2017 We sponsored Nattvasan, the world’s first nighttime XC-ski race. A sponsorship we won a Swedish marketing price for the ‘Sponsoring of the year’.

2016 We launched our first global compass

2016 We won ‘Best in test’ by the Trail Running Magazine for SILVA Trail Runner

 We launched the innovative Flow Light Technology in all SILVA headlamps

2013 We expanded our Carry Dry-collection with new innovations to help uses protect headlamp batteries, compasses, maps etc. from wind, water and dust

2011 We won the OutDoor Industry Award for SILVA Tyto Visibility lamp

2010 We won the OutDoor Industry Award for SILVA Ninox headlamp and ISPO Award for SILVA Cross Trail headlamp

2009 We won the OutDoor Industry Award  for our Trail Runner headlamp

2008 We launched the innovative Intelligent Light Technology in all SILVA headlamps

1992 We launched the world’s first handheld GPS with an integrated digital compass

1981 We launched our marine electronic navigation instrument

1971 Our founder, Björn Kjellström, co-founds the United States Orienteering (Orienteering USA)

1939 We introduced the first mirror-sight, liquid-damped baseplate compass that ever since enable users to see through the compass onto the map

1935 We launched our first SILVA headlamp, Zeiler. The consumer retail price was 0,8 EUR

1933 We were founded by the three orienteering brothers Arvid, Björn and Alvar Kjellström. They invented the world’s first liquid-filled compass and set the global standard for how navigation devices work.  The name SILVA means “forest”.