Nationality: Swedish
Lives in: Tiveden and Chamonix
Activity: Ultra-Trail Running
Our friend since: 2018

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Mimmi Kotka

Trail runner

From having no athletic experience to becoming a world championship runner in five years, the Ultra-Trail Runner and nutritionist Mimmi Kotka have  quickly climbed her way to the top, winning several international competitions throughout her career. In 2017, she won the Mont-Blanc 80 km marathon and the same year she also placed 1st in the Swiss Alpine Marathon. The next year she won the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail and continues to gain victorys, placing 1st in the MaXi-Race International.

Main merits
– 1st Ultra-Trail Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix (UTMB-CCC) 101 km, France
– 1st Mont-Blanc 90 km 92 km (51 mi), France
– 1st Ultra-Trail Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (UTMB-TDS) 119 km, France (new course record)
– 1st, Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 115 km, Portugal
– 1st, MaXi-Race International – Annecy 116 km, France (3rd overall)

Mimmi's favourites

Favourite destination in the world?
In the mountains

Favourite meal?
Anything with avocado

Mimmi's training habits

How often do you excercise?
It varies a lot over the year, from just a few days a week to every day. Depends on work-life balance and season.

What kind of training do you do?
I run, hike, do ski-mountaineering and some Nordic skiing. Some strength work during winter and yoga.

How do you do training in the dark season? Any tips?
Use a good headlamp! It makes such a difference. Especially on technical terrain where you need to “plan” your foot strike.

Your best energy during training-sessions?
Beautiful views and a nice organic wholefood-enegy bar

Your favorite workout?
Running in the mountains

How du you charge/load before a competition (food, rest, mentally, etc.)?
I rest a bit from training to feel fresh and just try to enjoy the extra time you get when tapering. If I get nervous I remind myself that the race is already done in training months before we actually toe the line.

What should you think of/consider if you want to start ultra running/trail running/sky running?
Nothing, you should just go out there and do it! It’s not rocket science, its just running in nature.

What are your best running tips?
Run hills. All the time.

The best/most fun competitions for amateurs as you see it?
Depend on what you want, a huge personal challenge or a fun day with friends. I would go for a combination of both, some epic stuff like a big international race and then some nice small races in your community.