SILVA design and produce outdoor accessories for an active outdoor life. With our products you can be active all year around, go wherever you want in any weather and during any time of the day. Whether you are a runner, biker, climber, skier or a hiker, we have the ultimate gear for you.

At our selected SILVA Test Centers you can try our products before purchasing and get help by dedicated people to find the most suitable gear for you and your activities.

Scroll down to find our current Test Centers worldwide.



Bruksvallarna is a genuine mountain village that delivers a great mountain experience in a small valley – its the mecca for the XC-skiing fanatics since its one of the world’s most snow secure ski resorts and has 300 km groomed trails. At Topsport Store you’ll find the gear you need for your XC-adventure and the store has a amount of SILVA gear for you to try. During the summer you can hike, run, cycle, fish and maybe pay a visit in their waffle cabins.

Visit us at:
840 97 Bruksvallarna

ORSA Orsa Grönklitt

Orsa Grönklitt in Dalarna, only 330 km from Stockholm, provides the first touch of the mountains, with everything you could wish for: snow-proof conditions and magnificent scenery. Here awaits a complete ski experience. Skiing in the 23 slopes and 100 kilometer of cross-country tracks, activities and Orsa Predator Park.

Visit us at:
Timmervägen 1
794 31 Orsa


Högbo Bruk is a unique combination of nature, activities and cultural history. There is something for everyone, big and small. Here you can spend your time canoeing, XC-skiing, running in their trails and mountain biking.Visit our test center where you can try our products and find the most optimized SILVA gear for your outdoor activity. 

Visit us at: 
Hans Hiertas väg 5
811 92 Sandviken


Funäsdalen – the genuin and active mountain village. The perfect outpost for all activites in the Funäs Mountains with 300 km ski trails, 650 km scooter tracks and alpine skiing just around the corner. The Topsport Store has guided the visitors since 1972 to the perfect outdoor equipment, and they will also guide you to the most optimized  SILVA-gear for your activity.

Visit us at:
Rörosvägen 16
840 95 Funäsdalen


In Ramundberget you’ll find Topsport, a really sharp alpine shop. with the perfect gear for your ski adventure and the latest clothing from known ski brands. And as a bonus they help find suitable SILVA gear for you to try to optimize your activity.

Visit us at:
840 97 Bruksvallarna


Information coming soon.

DUVED STF Storulvån

In the middle of nowhere you’ll find this mountain station, an outpost at the foot of the mountain. Ski alpinists and adventure seekers gather here to enjoy the silence and the amazing surroundings. Try the perfect gear for your outdoor activity at the SILVA Testcenter.

Visit us at:
STF Storulvån Fjällstation
83015 Duved

STOCKHOLM Täby Konstsnöspår

If you like perfect ski tracks in combination with SILVA gear, take a trip to this ski resort where they arrange events and training sessions. The tracks is prepped with artificial snow and it’s run on a voluntary basis by the Täby IS Skidklubb and Sundbybergs IK.

Visit us at:
Arninge Golf
Vågsjö gård
187 69 TÄBY


HAFJELL Pellestova Hotel

On the top of Hafjell mountain (970 MASL) you’ll find Pellestova, a modern and charmy mountain hotel. The surroundings are described as the Norwegian tenderloin for the XC-people – with 600 km ski tracks.

Visit us at:
2636 Øyer


SWITZERLAND Brotzer Sport Altendorf

This test center is specialized in XC-skiing and running.

Visit us at:
Zürchenstrasse 66
8852 Altendorf

SWITZERLAND AG Menzingen AG is experts when it comes to outdoor, adventure and survival. In the outdoor shop you will find technical outdoor equipment for adventure, survival, camping, sports, hunting and security services. And of course SILVA-gear to optimize your favourite outdoor activity.

Visit us at:
Neudorfstrasse 4
6313 Menzingen

SWITZERLAND Ski-24 Estavayer-le-Lac

Estavayer-le-Lac is a little medieval town located between Yverdon and Bern. Here you’ll find our testcenter at Ski-24. This test center organizes a lot of events and races. In their webshop you’ll find SILVA-products for purchase.

Visit us at:
Route de Grandcour 4
1470 Estavayer-le-Lac


This test center is specialized in Cross-country skiing, Downhill skiing, Mountainbiking and ski touring.

Visit us at:
12, Avenue Michel Croz
74400 Chamonix Mont Blanc

AUSTRIA Trail Dog Running Vienna

This is the ulimate running equipment store located in Vienna, the captial of Austria. They are specialized in trail running and have all kind of gear and accessories for trail running including SILVA headlamps.

Visit us at:
Breitenfurter Straße 378A/2/30
1230 Vienna

AUSTRIA Salewa Store Linz

In Linz you’ll find this Salewa Store that specializes in activities like mountaineering, alpine hiking & trekking and climbing. They have a huge assortment of backpacks, sleeping bags & pads, tents and climbing equipment. Of course you’ll also find and can test SILVA headlamps in the store.

Visit us at:
Gruberstraße 13
4020 Linz

POLAND Tatra Trade Zakopane

Tatra Mountains is known as the Polish Alps, and the town of Zakopane is Poland’s ultimate mountain resort. The mountains is the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains and lie along Poland’s border with Slovakia, situated only 2 hrs drive from the city of Krakow. Here you’ll find Tatra Trade where you can purchase all kinds of equipment for you and your activity, and of course SILVA gear.

Visit us at:
Droga na Bystre 2A
34-500 Zakopane